PhysicalsAnnual physical exams, D.O.T. physicals, non D.O.T. physicals, pre-employment, 18+ School physicals, Sports physicals and Camp physicals.

As an adult, having an annual exam is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. A comprehensive annual physical exam can help to screen for illness, and is vital for chronic and acute illnesses such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, diabetes, and endocrine and thyroid issues. Our primary care providers can help you understand your risk factors for obesity and how to manage them.

Is Your Staff Ready to Work?

The cost of employees who use narcotics and illegal drugs exceeds $102 billion annually. This cost is the result of lost productivity, absenteeism, health problems, job-related accidents, and employee theft and employee turnover.

Some other reasons to implement drug testing are to help:

  • Select quality employees
  • Prevent workplace injuries
  • Prevent theft
  • Ensure maximum productivity
  • Prevent drug-related employee absences

Drug Screen Options

  • 10 Panel
  • Hair Follicle
  • Rapid Urine Screens
  • Mobile Testing Available
  • DOT Available
  • Corporate Testing Available