Healthcare continues to advance and as a result healthcare costs continue to rise. We understand that our friends and neighbors in Conroe want high quality health care at affordable costs. We do accept most insurance plans but we know that many have very high deductibles or do not have any insurance.

Providing high quality health care at affordable cost was founding mission of Xpress Care Clinic. We continue to strive to be the Best and Most Affordable Walk-in Clinic in Conroe. Our office visit is only $60 and we are experts in assisting those on a tight budget.

Unlike many clinics, we are also available after your appointment to help you understand your plan of care and discuss any follow-up questions or concerns you think of after you leave our clinic.

We provide a wide range of medical services and the most frequently used are listed HERE. If you need treatment for a medical condition not listed please do not hesitate to call us at 936-760-8500.

Looking for a Primary Care Provider? Can’t get an appointment when you need one? Visit us and learn why so many have selected us as their Primary Care Provider. The same day we can discuss your history, a plan of care as needed, preventive screenings, labs, medication management, and more.

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